Flexing StepGreen – Chapter 2

In Chapter 1, we looked at getting an account on StepGreen, and gaining access to the developer resources.

Here, we will get setup with Adobe Flash Builder (previously known as Adobe Flex Builder). If you already have this, you can skip this chapter.

Getting Flex

There are a few different options for getting Adobe Flash Builder:

  • Free trial
  • Through your school/college/university
  • Educators version
  • Purchase
  • Use the Open Source Flex SDK

Most of these options start with going to http://www.adobe.com/products/flashbuilder/. If you want to get it through Adobe’s Education program, take a look at the FAQ which talks you through the process.

No matter which route you go, you can easily start by downloading the demo – you can then upgrade to a full version either by purchasing, getting a licence through the Adobe Education program, or through a program at your institution.

Once you have downloaded the software, follow the instructions to install, fire it up and take a look around. The help comes with some short tutorials and there are others available in the online documentation and the Flash Builder Community Help.

Next time: Starting Development

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