CALS Green finishes up

Stepgreen’s biggest support effort to date has been the year long deployment run by Cornell University’s CALS Green effort. CALS Green “sponsored a year-long competition amongst six buildings. Within that year users committed to actions, saving over 2,000,000 lbs carbon and $230,000.” A CALS Green specific  version of the Stepgreen website had a supporting role in providing suggestions about green actions during the deployment.

A few weeks ago, CALS Green finished a report about the project discussing the success of the overall initiative and some of the challenges and benefits of working with our team. The distributed nature of the project, and the shared data base and server underlying their site and ours, both created some unfortunate difficulties, but both our team and theirs learned a great deal from the experience. The CALS Green report is one of the most complete, honest, and multi-faceted reports I’ve had the pleasure of reading about what it takes to truly create an on-campus culture of sustainability. Best of all — CALS Green will continue on with its effort.

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