Other Projects

Keeping Track of Tons (Francisco Santiago, Benjamin Kwadwo Som-Pimpong, Chris Weber PhD)

Our idea is to create an integrated trash weigh-in station to replace the conventional waste bin. Users’ trash will be weighed by the can as it is dumped; and this data will be stored and displayed on a computer application where they can chart their daily, weekly, or monthly progress and possibly compare with others. (proposal)

SoylentGreen (Ting Luo, Jeho Oh, Mi Sun, Renaud Tircher)

The current StepGreen website provides limited visualizations that are difficult to maintain, modify, and use in a different context. Moreover, the code is not optimized and doesn’t use the newly developed API to access the data. Furthermore, the current website suffers from some performance problem, which takes too much time to switch to another visualization or feature. Another key issue is about the resizing of the visualization which is not dynamically modifiable. This project aims to provide a visualization framework that allows StepGreen to build a set of visualization clients and choose which one to display. This display choice may be done byStepGreen or directly by the user. Visualization clients should be based on some generic basic sub-clients. Additionally, the visualization framework must be dynamically resizable, and easy to insert in other context (such as Facebook or MySpace).

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